10 UI/UX Design Tips To Boost Conversions

WiFi, mobiles, apps, games, and websites are now a part of our personal and professional lives. Technology has grown into a multi-trillion dollar industry. Brands like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Jio, and Quora are now household names. A 5-year old kid operates smart phones better than a 50-year old man.

Design, Design Psychology & It’s Magic

UI/UX design plays a very important role in the success of an app or website. Design has a direct relation with time, space, matter, shape, emotions, and energies. Design is deeply rooted in how we think & act in life.

How I define UI/UX design: UX says, “I’m hungry.” UI says, “Here’s our menu, delicious food, & price.” CX says, “Click me! Click me!”

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Below are the best UI/UX design tips by a PRO UI/UX designer to help you boost conversion rates of your website or app. Carefully read & apply to your business.

Boost Conversion Rates

10. First Five Seconds

You get one chance to impress your website visitor. The first 5 seconds on your website are the most crucial. The visitor will either choose to go deeper or simply leave your website. Hence what your website says in the first 5 seconds is the most important factor in UI/UX design.

Questions For You To Think Upon:

▶ What do you understand in the “first 5 seconds” of seeing your website?
▶ Does it convey the message you wish to convey to the visitors?
▶ Does it “feel good” to just be on your site?
▶ Does your website make you feel “curious”?
▶ Does your website make you feel want to buy your own product/service?

9. Site Navigation

Make sure your website navigation is simple and easy to understand. Have a clean menu and footer. After your website is ready, send it to a few potential customers and take their feedback. If they’re satisfied with the navigation flow, you’ll see great business for years to come. If not, you’ll need to make corrections in the website flow.

8. Buttons & CTAs

Using buttons and click to actions (CTAs) is the best way to attract user attention. People just love clicking buttons, but beware that they will click them only if it piques their interest. Make sure to make your button and CTA designs very attractive. Refer to my design portfolio for inspiration.

CTA Button | View Porfolio | Brijesh Tejani

💡Secret Tip: Did you know that using red or orange color as your button color results in higher conversion rates compared to using any other color like blue or green? So next time you’re creating a button, you know what color to use!

7. Bold & Direct

Startup Pitch Deck | Brijesh Tejani

Let your designs speak for itself. Make use of big fonts, bold colors and honest copywriting. Be direct about your message and see your conversion rates boost up. Check out my design portfolio for inspiration. I specialize in creating powerful, energetic, and bold designs.

6. Color Psychology

Color psychology is the scientific process of studying colors & their impact on the human mind. Colors add life to your designs and make sure to use a consistent color scheme in your designs. Remember that every color has it’s own psychological impact and energy vibration. So make sure to hire the right designer who has good knowledge of colors & its impact on the human mind.

Color Psychology & UI UX Design

5. A/B Testing

If you are not sure if one version of your design will work, then A/B test it. A/B testing is the process of checking the performance of two or more variations of a design. For example, if we are testing “Design A” and “Design B”, then “Design A” will be shown to 50% of the users and “design b” will be shown to the other 50% set of users. As a result, you’ll be able to find out which version is performing better.

A/B Testing

4. Heuristic Analysis

Perform a heuristic analysis of your website or app. A heuristic analysis helps you identify the most common usability problems in your design. Fixing them will help you better the user experience and conversion rates. You must hire a qualified UI/UX design professional to perform a heurisitic analysis. Only he/she can identify the issues & help you fix them!

3. User Behaviour Tracking

It is very important to track and measure user behaviour on your website or app. If you know exactly how your users are using your website or app, then you’re in a much better position to improve it. If you don’t know what your users are doing on your website or app, then you will never know what users like and what they don’t like. Use tools like Hotjar, FullStory, and Google analytics for analyzing your designs. My favourite tool is Hotjar.

2. Functional, Not Cool

This is the best tip I can give to any designer or web enthusiast. Most website and app owners want to make their apps look cool. Even designers make the mistake of making their designs look cool. Nothing wrong in making to want your designs look cool. But the first priority should always be in making your designs “functional”. Have you ever wondered how simple Google’s search interface is? It is functional, not cool. What about Reddit? Instagram? Facebook? Quora? Wikipedia? They’re all functional, not cool. Get my point now?🤔

Functional, Not Cool | UI UX Design Tips

1. Hire A UI/UX Designer

UI/UX design is an art and is understood only by rare souls. I call the science of design as “Design Psychology”. Design Psychology is the study of space, matter, shapes, emotions, energies & its relation with time. Design is deeply rooted in how we think & act in life.

If you’re serious about your website & the business it is generating for you, then you must hire a professional UI/UX designer. These rare souls can help boost your conversion rates.

UI UX Designer | Brijesh Tejani

I’m a UI/UX designer. Click to see my best designs here: https://brijeshtejani.com/design-portfolio

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