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UI/UX Design for Master Builders

>> User interface design, User experience, Conversion optimization
>> First 5 seconds, Eye movement, Color psychology, Emotions
>> 7+ years of experience in Design & Sales Psychology
>> I help design SAAS products & Enterprise applications
>> Superpowers include Design, SEO, Content, Sales, & Marketing


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> 7+ years of experience in design industry
> Space, time, matter, energy, emotions, shapes
> Color psychology, typography & heuristic analysis
> “First 5 Seconds” principle by Brijesh Tejani
> A/B testing and conversion optimization techniques
> Lead Conversions start happening in realtime
> SAAS products, web apps, mobile apps & websites
> Superpowers include design, seo, content, sales & marketing


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Design Foundation

Laying a strong design foundation for website or app.

Design Audit

Complete design audit of your website or app.

Design Training

UI/UX Training for your staff so they can design better!

Design Consultation

One time consultation to power up your website or app conversions!

UX says, “I’m hungry.” UI says, “Here’s our menu, delicious food, & price.” CX says, “Click me! Click me!”