💡100+ business & enterprise clients served over a span of 9 years
💡Mastery in UI/UX design and copywriting
💡Expertise in marketing, sales funnels, sales psychology, a/b testing, and lead conversions
💡I love designing landing pages and social media creatives
💡I love working with BIG VISION clients🤩
💡I’m fast, focused, curious & honest
💡Let’s chat if you think I can add value to your business


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Brijesh Tejani


I am a UI/UX Designer based in India. I help startups, businesses & enterprise clients build amazing products. My superpowers include design, sales, marketing, seo, content writing, social media and conversion optimization. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in their journey and built successful companies including We Love Startups, Master Builders, Millionaire Mindset, and StartupsHQ.

If you’re looking for someone who’s skilled & fast, let’s talk right now!